Understanding Varicocele : Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment


A varicocele can be called as an enlargement of veins that are seen within the scrotum. These are very much similar to the varicose veins of the leg. As per the reports of American Urological Association, 10 to 15 percent of men are seen having this problem of varicoceles in their testicular veins. The veins in question are calles as pampinform plexus, which is contained inside the spermatic cord. This casing is also known for having vas deferens (the tube carrying sperm) and testicular artery transports the blood over the testicles. The basic role of pampinform plexus is to simply cool the arterial blood before it actually reaches the sperm through heat exchange mechanism. Now, let us understand Varicocele along with its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options as under:

Causes of Varicoceles

The precise cause of varicoceles is often confusing to understand. Some people believe that blood the spermatic cords in the valves in the spermatic cords, which carry your blood to and from the testicles when fails brings in this problem. Similarly, the varicose veins formation over the leg too is confused to be the cause of varicoceles. The one way valves found in the veins should often allow the blood in order to flow over the heart. If you find the blood flowing and it is disrupted can rather move smoothly. This piling up of the blood can lead to consequent dilation over the vessels.

Varicocele can often occur owing to the reason of puberty, which is seen rarely developing inside men over the age of 40. The left testicle is usually affected the most but even if you find one side having a vricoceles both the sperm production can be given. There is hardly any risk factor to the problem of varicoceles, however, by being overweight can really reduce the risk of having the risk of the same. Some may feel that the moment a man is seen becoming a father, he may be seen improving upon this issue.

Symptoms of Varicocele

The symptoms of Varicocele may not often involve pain, however, if you ever experience any pain, you would perhaps find due to the following reasons:
  • Becoming worse while standing or during the physical exertion
  • Vary from sharp to dull pain
  • Become very much uncomfortable when you lay over your back
  • Become worse in the later stage
Varicoceles can go unnoticed only when it is pointed out to be medical exam. However, if you find changes in the testes, you would find out a lump or have trouble over the fertility, better see your doctor.

Diagnosis Of Varicoceles

Physical exams may not be enough, to diagnose the issue of varicocele. Generally speaking, the physical exam may fail to understand this problem. The doctor would then carry out a couple of tests for the same like getting things scanned in a right way. With an ultrasound, the doctors are able to treat the varicocele including the tumor the spermatic vein. So, in this way, the issue of Varicocele is diagnosed seeking the help of physical exam and ultrasound test.
Treatment of Varicoceles

Varicocele treatment has three potential options to treat, let’s check them out as under:
  • Open Surgery: It is among the common option to treat the problem of varicocele, which is carried out by giving the general or local anesthesia. Generally the surgeon would access the area over the groin, however, at times it can put over the abdomen or upper thigh. Using the ultrasound and surgical microscope can be a safer option to go with for obvious benefits.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: This surgery is among the minimally invasive option, which is carried out with smaller incisions that gives the patient better results with lesser pain.
  •  Percutanous Embloziation: In this surgery, the tube is inserted over the tube through neck or groin. The instrument is then passed via the tube, which further releases the chemicals or coils that come along with more safety and better results.

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