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The post pregnancy has been always a challenging phase for any woman. They simply lose their health and shape of their body comes to stake. In order to revive their lost beauty and figure, the cosmetic procedure called Mommy Makeover comes to picture. It is an array of medical procedures and treatment options including liposuction, the breast reduction and other procedures that are carried out for aesthetic reasons. Now, more and more global patients are flying to India to consider the cosmetic procedures like Mommy Makeover. Thanks to the presence of top and best Female Plastic Surgeon of India like Dr. Rashmi Taneja Plastic Surgeon Delhi India who is known for giving nothing but the best of the cosmetic procedures with great care and professionalism. Let’s not forget the Mommy Makeover cost benefits in India that bring in women from different nations for these procedures. Time to dig in deep into her profile and check what difference she can make in the lives of women that have undergone pregnancy successfully:

Why you need Mommy Makeover Surgery? 

After pregnancy and breast feeding, the women are often seen losing their body shape and other things. Even her self confidence and self respect comes to stake hence regaining the lost beauty and charm of a woman has become vital. You need to get rid of the extra weight, keep the breast tight and lift them back to their original place and get away from the extra fat deposits and so on. This is the reason why you need a set of surgeries called Mommy Makeover carried out competent Plastic Surgeon in Delhi like Dr. Rashmi Taneja Plastic Surgeon Delhi India that shapes up the body of such women and give them back their lost beauty and shape.

Before you check the Mommy Makeover cost benefits in India you should know what set of surgeries fall under this cosmetic procedure. The Mommy Makeover surgery often combines one and more surgical procedure that help the women to give the best results that goes as under:

  • Breast Augmentation or Enlargement surgery 
  • Breast Lift or the Mastopexy surgery
  • Breast Reduction Surgery for bigger ones
  • Laser Bra or the Laser-Assisted Breast Reduction procedure 
  • Liposuction to get rid of extra weight
  • Labia Reduction or the Labiaplasty
  • Tummy Tuck  to get the right stomach shape also called as Abdominoplasty

Dr. Rashmi Taneja Plastic Surgeon Delhi India – An Introduction

When we talk about the Best Female Plastic Surgeon of India you have a couple of names in the country. However, one name that appears at the top belongs to the lady called Dr. Rashmi Taneja Best Female Plastic Surgeon Delhi India. She has more than 13 years of experience and has been working currently as a chief consultant at Fortis Hospital based in New Delhi. She has her MBBS degree apart from having her certification from American Board of Surgery and the one from the one called American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has a huge amount of experience and expertise in carrying a slew of cosmetic surgeries and has been trained in a number of aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries including the ones called Mommy Makeover procedures. She has also worked in the prestigious University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey as a chief resident doctor and is also known for publishing a slew of research papers in cosmetic surgeries and procedures for her credit.

Wrapping up

Thus in Indian hospitals you get highly qualified and best plastic surgeon in Delhi apart from reaping the benefits from the mommy makeover cost benefits in India. In a sense when you have Dr. Rashmi Taneja Plastic Surgeon Delhi India with you then you do not have to worry about the results, you are bound to get the best of the high quality in cosmetic surgeries that too available at much of the affordable cost.

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Barbara Clayton said...

What is the exact cost of mommy makeover surgery abroad? How I can consult with the Dr. Rashmi Taneja? Please arrange my meeting with best doctor in India....

Barbara Clayton,South Africa

Carmen Davila said...

I'm looking for Mommy Makeover surgery at my reasonable budget... Can you help me?

Vickie Banks said...

Hello there, Vickie Banks from US. I had my Mommy Makeover surgery in India. I actually is glad with the best result of the surgery at very low cost budget. As a result of highly competitive doctor who treated this ailment making me free from it, I highly recommend the same to just one and all.

Elaine K.Smith said...

Want to reduce my breast size. After giving birth to 2 child my breast shape is totally change. What is the exact cost for it?