Role of Mastectomy in Breast Cancer

Mastectomy for Breast Cancer Overview

A mastectomy for the breast cancer is the surgery performed on patients. It will remove the entire breast and may include the removal of the muscle and skin. This surgery include removing the breast tissue and the breast may be removed due to cancer or fibrocystic disease. The mastectomy for the breast cancer is referred as local therapies that target the area of the tumor as opposed to the systematic therapies such as hormonal therapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy. 

Types of Mastectomy

The types of mastectomy in use will depend on the types which patient decides to undergo based on factors such as location, size, behavior of the tumor, whether or not the surgery is prophylactic and whether the patient needs to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The Types of Mastectomy are:
  • Simple mastectomy
  •  Radical mastectomy
  •  Modified radial mastectomy
  •  Nipple sparing/ subcutaneous mastectomy
  •  Skin-sparing mastectomy
  •  Partial mastectomy
  •  Subcutaneous mastectomy
  •   Lumpectomy

Who Should Have Mastectomy?

Mastectomy surgery may be right choice if the tumor is larger than five centimeters, depending on the stage as well as other factors, if your breast is small and a lumpectomy will leave you with very little breast tissue and your doctor advises to have a mastectomy. If your surgeon already made multiple attempts to remove the tumor with lumpectomy but it has not been able to remove the cancer completely and obtain clear margins, if you believe that undergoing this surgery will give you greater peace of mind than lumpectomy. If the lumpectomy and radiation is not an option for the small tumor since you have had prior radiation to the same breast, you are pregnant, you have a connective tissue disease, you do not want to commit to daily radiation treatment. 

Mastectomy Surgery in India Benefits

Mastectomy surgery in India is the most preferred option for women suffering with breast cancer. The world class hospitals have state of the art infrastructure, maintains highest quality of medical services, amenities and are recognized at the international levels. The mastectomy surgery in India benefits include the medical team performing them are well qualified, world class doctors and consulting surgeon, caring nursing staff providing the best treatments at the most affordable costs in India. The doctors in India have ample experience in dealing with such cases regardless of the complexity both in India and abroad as they are qualified from the prestigious universities of the developed nations.

The hospitals in India have latest equipment and technologies and the mastectomy surgery in India is done at quite economical rates as compared to other countries of the  world. At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, we have a network of the top hospitals and best surgeons providing quality medical healthcare facilities and services at low price attracts many foreign patients to get their mastectomy surgery in India. 

Life After Mastectomy for Breast Cancer

Life after mastectomy includes recovery that will take about three to six weeks post surgery. Some patients report experiencing certain symptoms like swelling for up to six months post this surgery. The drains and compression bandages are usually part of the mastectomy recovery process that will be applied routinely post surgery. The drains will help to prevent the complications such as bruising, swelling and bleeding.

You will be able to return back to work after about a week but have limitations on physical activities for first six weeks post the mastectomy surgery in India. You may undergo the psychological treatments. Get in touch with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to book the low cost mastectomy for breast cancer in India.

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