Treatments for Brain Cancer : Information and Support

Understanding Brain Cancer

Understanding Brain Cancer

A brain cancer is a group of abnormal cells which begin in the brain. The cancers of the brain are results of abnormal growth of cells in the brain. They can arise from primary cancer cells which form other brain components such as blood vessels or membranes or due to growth of cancer cells from other organs which has spread to the brain by the bloodstream also known as metastatic brain cancer. Often the malignant tumors are cancerous that will grow and spread aggressively by overpowering the healthy cells taking their blood, space and nutrients.

Sign and Symptoms of Brain Cancer

The sign and symptoms of brain cancer are seizure, weakness, headaches and difficulty in walking. Other symptoms includes blurred vision, vomiting,change in mental capacity, person’s alertness, speech, memory or personality. These symptoms can also occur in people who do not have brain cancer. None of these symptoms along or in combination can predict whether a person has brain cancer. The brain cancer can occur in frontal, occipital, parietal or temporal lobes, meningeal membranes or brain stem. A few brain cancers such as pituitary gland tumors and meningeal ones may produce few or no symptoms.

Effective Treatments for Brain Cancer 

Effective Treatments for Brain Cancer

  • Surgery : If surgery is possible for the brain cancer, then it is usually done as the main treatment. The operation will depend on the size and position of the tumor.
  • Chemotherapy : It uses the anti-cancer or cytoxic drugs that will destroy the cancer cells. These will affect the way the tumor cells grow and divide and also affect the normal cells.
  • Radiation : It uses the high energy X-rays for destroying the tumor cells while doing as little harm as possible to the normal cells.
Get The best support From Forerunners Healthcare

1)    Company Overview

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a pioneer in medical tourism assisting the international patients seeking affordable cost brain cancer treatments and surgery in India. Our association with the top class medical expertise, professionals, state of the art infrastructure, world class medical facilities offers excellent medical services and care at attractive prices. We have the most extensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities and the cancer hospitals are well equipped with the most advanced medical treatment for brain cancer in India.  Our healthcare professionals, surgeons, doctors and nursing staff are competent, dedicated to provide quality treatments and care to the global patients.

Get The best support From Forerunners Healthcare

2)    Benefits of Brain Cancer Treatment in India

The benefits of brain cancer treatment in India includes getting the highest quality medicals services and care from the highly qualified, skilled and trained surgeons and doctors from the world’s best medical schools across the globe. The hospitals in India are well-equipped with the most advanced medical treatments, latest technology and equipment, personalized care and attention from the nurses and support staff and results of world class standard at very affordable costs to all sections of the society.

3)    Counseling before and after surgery

If you are healthy enough to tolerate, then the surgeons in India will consider surgery as the first option when treating the brain cancer. They will explain what to expect before, during and after the surgery. The goal of the surgery is to remove the entire tumor although most tumor types residual will remain post surgery.

Success Rate of Brain Cancer Treatment in India

Success Rate of Brain Cancer Treatment in India

The brain cancer treatment in India has highest success rates due to the latest techniques which uses the stereotactic radiosurgery to locate the brain tumor. It works on a powerful computer system thereby help the surgeons to plan each step for the procedure and calculate the ideal access for treating the brain cancer.


India offers outstanding brain cancer treatments at 60 to 80 percent less cost than the prevailing costs in the UK and the US. Even after considering the travel expenses, the comprehensive medical tourism packages at Forerunners Healthcare Consultants will provide a savings in thousands of dollars. We assists the global patients by sending their medical visas, helping with food, travel, stay arrangements during their medical tour to India. Send us your inquiry to book your appointment for the low cost brain cancer treatment in India.

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