Liver Transplant : What should You Know

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure, which allows a damaged liver with a healthy liver (donated) from alive or dead person. The entire liver can be transplanted or certain portion of the same can be done. In majority of cases, any healthy liver will be seen from a just deceased person. At times, you can even get the liver donated from any healthy living person who could be your relative or friend who has the same blood type and has the right match for the same. Liver is an important organ of human body, which can replaced the injured or lost tissues. With the liver transplant the liver you get in your body will soon start getting into normal conditions. Now, let us dig in deep about the things you should know about liver transplant.

Why You Might Need a Liver Transplant?

Without having liver, one cannot imagine living on this planet. If your liver fails to work properly, you would definitely need a liver transplant. This surgery is recommended if a patient is seen reaching to his or her end stage liver disease, which is termed as chronic liver failure. It is a serious condition, which bring in the life at stake. One of the common causes of this state of any person is Cirrhosis, which is a chronic liver ailment. It can occur among people when any healthy liver tissue is seen getting replaced with scar tissue. This simply fails the liver. Also, there are several other diseases, which can lead to liver transplant, which are as under:

Acute hepatic necrosis: In this condition the tissue in patient’s liver dies down. 
  • Biliary Atresia: It is a rare kind of liver disease and bile ducts, which is only seen in the newborns.
  • Metabolic diseases: This disorder is meant to change the chemical activity found in the cells that are affected by the liver.
  • Primary liver cancers: These can be called as cancerous tumours, which are seen starting up in the liver.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis: This is nothing but a redness or swelling found in the liver. It can occur when your disease-fighting system found in your body’s immune system simply attacks your liver.

Liver Transplant Procedure

The surgical procedure of liver transplant simply involves the removal of the damaged liver from the patient’s body and replacing the same with the diseased one. The liver has a number of key connections, which should be re-established for a newly added organ in order to get the right blood flow and then find the drain bile from this replaced organ. The surgeon has to structure the reconnected organ over the delicate vena cava along with the portal vein, bile duct and hepatic artery. The option of connecting all these structures during the surgery would vary one patient to the other and the condition attached to the same. The following are steps considered by the surgeon in order to carry out the liver transplant procedure, let’s check them out:
  • Surgeon makes incision close to the liver on your abdomen area.
  • He then evaluates the abdomen thoroughly to find any abnormality (if any)
  • He then checks for the mobilization of the native liver
  • In the next step, the surgeon then carries out the isolation of certain vital structure as named above, which follows by the transaction of these structures along with removal of the diseased one. 
  • The surgeon then sews the new liver by re-establishing by connecting the inferior vena cava of the donor and the hepatic arteries of the recipient. Then the arterial flow is seen getting re-established by the surgeon with the help of sewing it over the same and lastly the bile duct is sewed.
  • In the final step, the incision made on the abdomen area is closed with proper checking of the bleeding thing. 


Liver transplant is often the last resort when the liver of a patient is all set to die down. However, this would need a donor, which can involve waiting time for the person needing this procedure. This can therefore complicate things for the ailing patient. 
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