Awareness About Blood Cancer and Lymphoma Cancer


For those who call blood cancer and lymphoma to be different medical conditions, it’s time to understand that both of these are the same. Blood cancer is a generic term, while the latter is one of three sub categories of the former. These three main groups of blood cancer include leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Hence if anyone is suffering from blood cancer, he or she may fall in any of the three groups as discussed above. One may call the patient of any of the group sufferings as the one suffering from blood cancer. Hence more often these two terms blood cancer and lymphoma becomes interchangeable for obvious reasons. Now, let’s dig in deep into the subject in the following paragraphs:

What is Blood Cancer?

Blood cancer is an umbrella terminology for cancers, which hampers the blood, lymphatic system and bone marrow. Unfortunately, it hampers a good amount of people as per report, every 20 minutes you can find someone in US or UK being diagnosed with it. This means you have around seventy plus people in one day, while 25,000 people per year. There are basically three main groups of blood cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. These are common than the others including the non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is sixth most common form of cancers in developed nations, leukaemia is 11th most common kind of cancers in the western nations, while the other kinds of blood cancer like myeloma are less common.

What is Lymphoma?

Lymphomas are cancers, which can hamper human body’s lymphatic system, which can arise while developing lymphocytes that undergo a malignant change and it multiply in an uncontrolled fashion. It is also one of the blood cancer groups, which are developed with lymphocytes that undergo a malignant change and thus multiply in an uncontrolled fashion. Increasing the number of abnormal lymphocytes known as lymphoma cells gather and then form an array of cancer cells known as tumors in the glands lymph nodes and several other body parts. Over the time, the lymphoma cells are seen replacing the normal lymphocytes that weaken the ability of the immune system in order to fight infection.

What Causes Lymphoma Cancer?

The lymphoma incidence is seen increasing every year. In a majority of cases, we tend to know the real causes of lymphomas, however, are likely to be a number of elements involved. Unlike the other forms of cancer, lymphomas are the outcome from damage to special proteins known genes, which regulates the growth and cells division. We all know that people with weak immune system (either owing to immunodeficiency disease or drugs, which suppress the function of human immune system and are seen boosting the risk of developing lymphomas. There are certain kinds of viral infections that can play a role in people in weakening the immune system.


Lymphomas are often found as a firm painless swelling over a lymph node (swollen glands) that is generally found over the neck and under the arms/groin. Some of the symptoms can include:
  •  Recurrent fevers
  •  Unintentional weight loss
  •  Excessive sweating at night
  •  Generalized itching
  •   Persistent lack of energy

Lymphoma could develop over the lymph nodes over deeper parts over the body including the ones found at the abdomen area giving chest issues like discomfort over the chest and cough.

Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in India

The treatment for lymphoma will vary that will depend upon the precise kind of lymphoma a person has and the how instant it is likely to grow and thus cause issues in the body. It will also depend upon the extent of disease at diagnosis and the age/general health of the person. Some lymphomas are seen growing slowly steadily and is seen causing a couple of troubling issues and it may not require to be treated instantly. The others grow more quickly and would be required to be treated as soon as these are diagnosed. 

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