Best Hospital in India for Urinary Diversion Surgery

The urinary bladder is a muscular sack that receives stores and releases the urine through distal urinary tract. A bladder cancer is a cancer that starts in the lining of the walls of the urinary bladder. A radical cystectomy surgery is performed to remove the enlarged urinary bladder and the surrounding tissues. An opening is created in the urinary tract and through this opening it is made in the abdominal wall so that the urine flows out and this is called as a urinary diversion.

The urinary diversion surgery are inherently complex such that patients should be well-informed about the surgical complications occurring during and after the surgery. However, precautions should be observed at the super-specialty centers for minimising the tissue and the organ damage, postoperative pain, blood loss and inconvenience experienced by the patients. The surgery will take about three to four hours depending on the cases and situations. Since the continent urinary diversion is a therapeutic procedure, no special investigations are advised. They are preceded by a radical cystectomy as the surgical intervention for the urinary bladder cancer, trauma or dysfunctional bladder to the urinary tract.

This procedure is performed to enable the patients to pass the urine at his or her own convenience without any external container or collection equipment. There are two types of continent urinary diversion- orthotopic or neobladder and cutaneous.  In neobladder, the urologist tries to restore the normal urinary anatomy and in cutaneous, the patient needs to use plastic tube or clinical catheter by frequently emptying the newly prepared bladder.

During the orthotopic continent urinary diversion, a part of the small intestine is used to craft a pouch which will function as a new bladder. This is will be surgically sutured in the pelvic cavity and then the patients can urinate as spontaneously through the urethra. Many patients will still require catheter bladder emptying. During the cutaneous continent urinary diversion, a new bladder is prepared from part of the small intestine which is placed under the skin. The patient will not have to wear any external container or collection equipment. Instead they will be trained to frequently use the plastic tube or clinical catheter for emptying the newly prepared bladder.

The patient will require follow-up- 24 hour surveillance, emergency follow-up, vomiting or nausea, chest pain or breathing difficulty, large amounts of blood clots in the urine, worsening pain, difficulty in fully emptying the bladder, etc. Post urinary diversion surgery, the patient is hospitalised for up to a week. Drainage tubes will be placed for about two to three weeks. An X-ray will be done to ensure that the new pouch has healed satisfactory and there is no leakage, before removing the drainage tubes.

Following discharge, the patients will be trained to keep the urethral catheter clean by washing at home for every four to six hours. During the initial postoperative period, the new bladder will hold the small quantity of urine and therefore the patient will require to empty more frequently. All the above treatments will be finalised depending on the overall health, other ailments of the patient, age and severity. Only a well-experienced and highly skilled urologist should perform the above treatment.

The health care system in Sudan lack medical care and facilities, there are numerous serious diseases in the country and the uneven distribution of the healthcare workers and facilities and financial conditions are some reasons why patients get their urinary diversion surgery in India. The medical tourism services in India with Indian Medguru consultants are renowned for rendering a comprehensive medical services to the patients from Sudan to seek the high quality and low cost surgery.

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