How You Can Consult Top Hip Surgeon for Hip Replacement Procedure


Hips are regarded as one of the vital body joints in the human. Unfortunately, as people age they end up adding wear and tear over the hips with debilitating conditions like as arthritis or any other injuries. One of the best ways of getting rid of these issues is via the surgical procedures like hip replacement surgeries which could be both complete and partial ones. Now, if you look at the result of the surgery, much would depend upon the surgeon you choose. Luckily in India one can the top experts like Dr. Vijay C. Bose, who happen to be the top Hip Surgeon Chennai. The country is blessed with one of the best team comprising of Surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai that leave no stone unturned to keep things straight fir the global patients bringing out high quality and affordable solutions.

Hip Surgery and its types

As said hip surgery carried out by the Top Hip Surgeon in India are known to fix the hip injuries or conditions seeking various options. You can find a number of hip surgeries that can lead to complete or partial hip replacement surgery. All you need to do is to consultant with a surgeon and of course discuss about the specifications of the hip condition. The goal of top Surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai like Dr. Vijay C. Bose is to use one of the best treatment plan for your ailing hip. Thus as said there are different forms of hip surgeries, which often comes in two different types – total hip replacement and complete hip replacement surgery. The fact is before you choose for any of these recommended surgeries; you can certainly dig in deep into things like the preparation you need for the surgery. Also, you can think of exploring a number of videos pertaining to the surgery recommended to you. 

Indian Hip Surgeons at a Glance

Since India receives maximum number of patients all across the world, hence it is important to explore the team of hip surgeon Chennai like Dr. Vijay C. Bose becomes really vital. Most of the top hospitals in India has one of the best surgeons and experts that deal with hip replacement surgeries. As no two hips are similar but the surgeons get one of the best treatment option to fix the hip pain including the total hip surgeries. The Joint Replacement Centers based in India are among the leading centers that are competent enough to deal with a number of hip operations like total and partial hip replacements. The team of top hip Surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai simply moves back towards an active, healthy lifestyle going out of the way to a great extent possible with advanced hip surgery techniques. 

Why Choose Dr. Vijay C. Bose for Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

His interest lays in procedures like hip Arthroplasty of young patients. In his career span of few decades, he has carried out more than 2000 hip replacement surgeries like hip resurfacing and a number of shoulder, neck and other body parts. He has worked with top and world class hospitals and medical centers, which give nothing but the best to the global patients that come with hip complaints of different types. If we talk about Dr. Vijay C. Bose, he holds an important position called the Joint Director and consultant joint reconstructive surgeon who is based at Asian Joint Reconstruction institute in Chennai and it then provides a the referral-based service for both simple and complex hip surgeries, The body parts like knee and shoulder often tend to give problems, which are fixed very easily with surgeries with this Surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai. Thus together the global patients have enough reasons to plan their hip surgeon by fixing appointment with them either by calling them in person or emailing the same. 

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Dana Nash said...

Plz suggests affordable cost hip surgery treatment options... to get a relief from chronic hip pain...Its a valuable info get an idea about best hip surgeon in India

Julian Martin said...

I had been having significant pain in my right hip for over 2 years and had been told by several doctors that I had arthritis and would have to wait for it to become much worse before anything could be done. Dr. Vijay C. Bose really a great surgeon helps to identify anterior hip approach. He was able to correct the condition successfully. I can now play with my grandchildren, walk without a limp and enjoy life once more – a true gift. I am so grateful to Apollo Hospital in Chennai & Dr. Vijay C. Bose. The recovery was quick and easy. Because of your hospital and this talented doctor I am living pain free once again – a true blessing. Thank you and may God bless your hospital and the work done there.