Cure Obesity By Gastric Band In India With Dr Ramen Goel Best Weight Loss Surgeon In India


The gastric band in India is done by Dr. Ramen Goel on patients needing to lose weight for curing the obesity. This procedure is strongly suggested if you have had a detailed discussion with your doctor over it. The surgery will require the best weight loss surgeon in India to make certain incisions on the stomach and turn it into a pouch which can only take an ounce of food at one time. This is often done by implanting a band around it which may be adjusted later on. Usually, this is suggested by doctors when the patient is not able to lose weight with simpler and alternative methods and this is impacting their health in a very negative manner.

What are Overweight And Obesity?

The terms overweight and obesity refer to the body weight which is greater than what is considered as healthy for a certain height. The most useful measure of overweight and obesity is BMI or body mass index which is calculated from your height and weight.

Obesity Diagnosis : Gastric Band In India

The obesity diagnosis include a BMI exceeding 40 or when it is above 35 and suffering from a disease or condition which will utterly require to cut down on a few kilos for instance, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Apart from the above, the best weight loss surgeon in India will diagnose obesity for gastric band in India if you wish to lose some weight and revise your lifestyle in order to be healthier and fitter and are fit for the surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Expertise : Dr Ramen Goel

Dr. Ramen Goel is the best weight loss surgeon in India performing the gastric band in India. He has been associated with Fortis Hospital and a pioneer in performing safe bariatric surgery in India. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Ramen Goel has dedicated to provide a wide range of surgeries through the advanced laparoscopic techniques. He completed MS, FICS from USA and is considered as a highly trained gastro-intestinal surgeon with over 20 years of experience.

Why Choose Best Weight Loss Surgeon In India?

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally with over 1.7 billion people falling in the overweight/obese category. As per the research, there are many facets to the gastric band in India includes- physical activity, nutritional health, psychological health and choosing the best weight loss surgeon in India. Choosing the best weight loss surgeon in India can minimize the risks related to the gastric band in India.

The best weight loss surgeon in India are trained at the best medical institutions and schools across the globe and have many years of experience in performing the obesity surgery. These surgeons are supported by the paramedic staffs and nurses who manage the unit round the clock.

The qualifications of the best weight loss surgeon in India include -

  • MS in General Surgery
  • DNB/FRCS/MRCS from international hospitals and colleges
  • MCH in obesity surgery
  • Publications and paper presentations at reputed scientific and medical journals
  • International fellowship and training programs
  • Wide clinical experience
Fighting With Obesity : Dr Ramen Goel

Dr. Ramen Goel is the best weight loss surgeon in India having surgical postgraduate from JN Medical College, Aligarh. He has completed his diploma from post graduate medical institute, university of Wien, in Austria and performs the gastric band in India. He has done metabolic surgery with Dr. Aureode Paula at Goinia in Brazil and bariatric surgery at Lyon in France, Laussane in Switzerland and the USA. Dr. Goel completed the preceptorship of American Bariatric Surgical Society with Dr. Mal Fobi in the US.

  • Dr. Ramen Goel, the best weight loss surgeon in India was invited faculty at the International and National Bariatric Surgery Meetings
  • Honorary associate professor of surgery at Grant Medical College
  • He also contributed the chapter on Recent Advances in Obesity in the Book on “Reproductive Endocrinology”.
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