Fortis Hospital Delhi Perform Robotic Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer Patients of Nigeria with IndianMedguru Consultants

Mr.Chukwuma Uhegbu from Nigeria done Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Delhi India

Hello, my name is Chukwuma Uhegbu from Nigeria. I got my robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer at the best Pancreatic Cancer Hospital Delhi India through Indian Medguru Consultants. I was looking forward to the summer and all the outdoor activities which were waiting in the northwest suburbs. I started experiencing trouble to sleep at nights due to extreme stomach pain. Initially, I chalked it up to the heartburn and acid indigestion. As weeks wore on, I knew there might be more to this stomach pains at night. I can still recall the pain was excruciating and I wasn’t sleeping at all, so finally, I made an appointment with my doctor.

After several doctor’s appointments throughout the suburbs, I was told that I had inoperable pancreas cancer. One of my friends recommended me about Indian Medguru Consultants, a leading medical tourism provider in India. After listening to his experience of travelling down to India for his father’s robotic surgery for the pancreatic cancer, I wasted no time in contacting Indian Medguru Consultants.

Fortis Hospital Delhi

I sent them an inquiry about the robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer and the executive contacted back answering me with all the details and information of the pancreatic cancer hospital in India. They told me about the entire process and assisted me with the medical visas, made arrangements for the flight ticket bookings, travel, appointment with the surgeon, the food and accommodation arrangements, etc. Their chief physician also talked with me over the phone explaining about my condition and about the robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer.

My wife accompanied me through my journey to India. We received a heart warming welcome at the Delhi airport and the official from Indian Medguru Consultants escorted us to a guest house near Fortis Hospital in India. The same evening we were escorted to the hospital, where we met the doctor. He was so comforting at such a devastating time in my life. He explained that my pancreas did not have an enzyme for digesting the food properly. He said I have known about this surgery but been waiting for a candidate. After meeting us, he again explained about the surgery and this cleared all our doubts and concerns.

Fortis Hospital Delhi Perform Robotic Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

The team at the pancreatic cancer hospital in India performed a robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer with true efforts. My surgery went well and the body developed a new route to deliver the blood to the liver. After meeting the doctor, I felt confident and knew that this surgery would help save my life. The surgeon exudes with confidence and gave me some peace of mind before the procedure. My entire team was incredibly compassionate and did a lot for my recovery.

I spend a few days recovering at the Fortis Hospital Delhi India after the robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer. My doctors and the staff watch my diet and ensure that I stay away from the fatty foods. The nurses and staff took care of each and every needs of me during my stay at the pancreatic cancer hospital in India. I am grateful to Indian Medguru Consultants and the doctor, surgeon, nurses and the hospital staff for their excellent care during my robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer at Fortis Hospital in India. I would recommend you to anyone needing the robotic surgery at pancreatic cancer hospital in India to get it through Indian Medguru Consultants.

Thanking You.
Chukwuma Uhegbu,
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