A New Knee At Global Hospital In India Helped Mr. Alexander William To Get Back To His Career

My name is Mr. Alexander William, from Scotland; I had been experiencing severe pain in his left leg for quite some time but had been told by my doctor that the waiting time on the NHS for a knee replacement was nine to 12 months. I looked into having the operation done privately but discovered that a single knee replacement would cost £9,000. I spent years on the waiting list – mostly my own fault; I searched the internet and found Global Hospital in India details.  Global hospital was offering a ‘package’ which included accommodation, food, surgery and physiotherapy and when i arrived in India the x-ray showed that both knees needed operating on. After my initial consultation with surgeon at Global Hospital, I felt very comfortable with his recommendation to have both knees done at the same time. As with any surgery I was a little nervous about the operation itself but was reassured by the staff at the Global Hospital that all would go well and it did. When I woke up in recovery my pain was completely gone. I was taken to my room where I had the best care and greatest staff one could ask for. The continuity, skill, and care provided by this entire team have contributed to an extremely successful outcome in my recovery.

I received excellent care throughout my 4 day stay. Surgeon of Global hospital visited me daily monitoring my pain level and observing some of my physical therapy exercises. The medication given in those days after surgery really does reduce the discomfort. Even with the cost of my flight (£500) and accommodation (I stayed in hospital for 10 days and later moved on to a holiday resort by the sea in a beautiful two bedroom cottage costing £10 per day) the overall cost was just £4,300 - a quarter of what i would have paid privately in Scotland.  I was immensely relieved to be able to get the surgery dealt with so quickly and cost effectively - the service couldn’t have been better.  Two weeks after surgery I was at Global Hospital in India for my follow up appointment. It was in the office that I walked without assistance.

That’s right! No cane, no walker! I was amazed. There is a video of me walking down the hall in his office. I was concerned about our plans for a cruise that we were to go on in about five weeks but after walking without assistance I knew that I would not have any problems and, in fact, I didn’t. I am currently doing physical therapy (360 Physical Therapy) three times a week but will be set free next week which is about 9 weeks after surgery.  I am now back to my normal activities of using the Nordic Track, weight lifting, walking and playing golf.  This experience has been like getting a new lease on life and it all started with the skills and professionalism of surgeon at Global hospital in India. His confident manner was reassuring to me and I have never regretted my decision to have both knees replaced at the same time! Global Hospital staff was always ready to answer all of my questions. They took all the time that was needed to explain procedures or billing or medication. 

We have Fast Track Services for Our Patients.
For Fast Track Query Reply - care@globalhospitalsindia.com
Number For Immediate Appointment - Call +91-98604-32255

How to say “Thank You” who did this for me?   I am now 6 months post surgery, and every single day I think about how grateful I am to have my life back. I still can’t quite believe it.  Thank you, Global Hospital in India.

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