The Best Hip Replacement Hospitals In India Making It Easy For Numerous Medical Tourists

Today, Hip Joint pain is quite prevalent. Some of the most common causes behind this are Arthritis – Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hip Fractures, Tendinitis, Hip Labral Tear, etc. There can be many symptoms of Hip pain like persistent and severe joint pain, swelling, limping, loss of motion and many others. Such issues should be given immediate medical attention so that these can be cured at the initial stages. 

Available Treatment to Cure Hip Pain

There are many ways treating Hip pain like ample amount of rest, anti-inflammatory medicines, surgical treatment, Total Hip Replacement and many more. But when the non-surgical methods do not give the desired relief then surgeries are recommended as the suitable treatment.

Total Joint Replacement: It is the most common Hip surgery where the damaged hip is replaced by a hip prosthesis made up of metal, plastic or ceramic components.

Hip Resurfacing: For people belonging to younger age group, this is a very effective and suitable treatment option. In this procedure, the diseased femoral head is restructured and fitted with a metal wrapping or covering, which fits into the socket.

hip surgery

Arthroscopy: It is a minimally invasive procedure done with the help of much advanced instruments, which require very small incisions to correct issues like Labral Tears. 

Osteotomy: This is quite a major surgery, where the affected sections of the joint are removed and the joint is reformed or repositioned to address a deformity for enhanced functioning. It is beneficial for those who are too active and young for a Hip Replacement Treatment.

Why Choose India For Hip Replacement Treatment?

More and more patients located globally are opting for India as their final treatment destination. There are several reasons behind this choice:
Presence of exceptionally reputed and advanced Orthopaedic hospitals
Best Hip Surgeons in India treating the medical tourists successfully
Extremely progressive Hip Joint treatment methodologies implemented
Very easy and quick medical visa processing
Timely treatment assured
There is no language barriers at the Indian hospitals
Very safe and patient friendly ambience
Patients do not have to tolerate long waiting periods
Outstanding follow up services ascertaining complete recovery

Best Hospitals For Hip replacement Surgery In India

1. Fortis Hospital: 

Be it any field of medicine, Fortis Hospital has a dedicated department for it; especially the Orthopaedic division of this hospital is one of the most advanced divisions having extremely modern infrastructure and treatment techniques for Hip Joint pain. Further, the team of Orthopaedic specialists attending to the patients are highly literate about this field and have many years of expertise. 

Best Hospitals and best surgeons

2. Metro Hospital Delhi India:

This is one of the best Hip Replacement Hospitals in India, which has been serving wholeheartedly to several patients for many years now. The Orthopaedics related infrastructure in this hospital is much progressive and yet cost effective much to the benefit of the patients. The hospital offers the latest cure for Hip Joint pain along with high success rate.

Best surgeons for Hip Replacement Surgery in India

1. Dr.Kaushal Malhan: 

He is at present associated as the Consultant, Knee and Hip surgeon at the Fortis Hospital at Mulund. Dr.Kaushal Malhan is one of the best hip surgeons in India and has done pioneering level of work in the area of Knee and Hip surgery. Highly known internationally, his technique of ‘Tissue Preserving’ for Total Knee Replacement has been mentioned in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for speedy post-operative recovery. Also, he has worked rigorously towards bringing change in the management of Hip Reconstructive Surgery and is the only Orthopaedic to perform the direct anterior approach for Total Hip Replacement.

2. Dr.Vijay Bose: 

Dr. Bose is currently associated with the SIMS Hospitals as the Joint Director and Senior Consultant, Orthopaedician. He is a much experienced and proficient doctor in this field with areas of expertise being Joint Replacement Surgery and Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery.

hip replacement surgery

India has the perfect qualities to be the global leader in the medical tourism industry. The continual rise in the number of medical tourists coming to India proves that they are finding the Indian healthcare system extremely reliable and best suited for them; in particular the Orthopaedic hospitals of India are proving to be massively beneficial for these patients.
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