Successful Liver Transplant By Dr. Mohammed Rela at Global Hospital Chennai

Mrs. Kathy Pitterich from the USA shares about successful liver transplant of her son with whom she shares an amazing bond. Being a wife and a mother, Mrs. Pitterich is a strong believer in always taking care of family. So when she learned that her son Martin was sick and in need of a life saving liver transplant, Kathy was in shock but she stepped up right away searching for the best liver transplant surgeon. She says, “It was then that I came to know about Dr. Mohammed Rela at Global Hospital Chennai who is renowned for performing successful liver transplant.

While searching about the doctor and the hospital in India we came in contact with Forerunners Healthcare, a leading medical travel partner in India. The patient coordinator had provided the doctor’s opinion and the treatment plan which we went through very carefully before giving them the final confirmation to travel to Chennai, India. The Gleneagles Global Hospitals at Chennai proudly announces that Dr. Mohammed Rela, Director at the Institute of Liver Disease & Transplantation has been recognized as “Top Masters in Healthcare Administration”, a highly reputed portal for careers in the medical industry. Moreover this recognition comes for Dr. Rela’s work in the field of pediatric liver transplants. He is renowned in India and abroad for successfully performing highly complex surgeries saving the lives of very young children. Hence we were convinced and provided them confirmation to travel to India for liver transplant of my son.  My husband and his sister accompanied us to India.

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All thanks to the Forerunners Healthcare Group, we got complete assistance with medical visa, travel arrangements, flight ticket bookings, and airport pickups, arrangements for food, accommodation and scheduling appointment with Dr. Rela at Global Hospital Chennai. An official welcomed us at the international airport in Chennai and escorted to the Global Hospital where we met Dr. Rela. He was a very kind hearted person who listened to us and explained us everything we need to know about the liver transplant. He also explained us about the many benefits of liver transplant and how it allows the person to lead to a normal life. On the scheduled day, my son underwent the liver transplant. I vividly remember how we all were so concerned about the transplant and we really wanted to make sure that everything be okay.
We felt quite relieved when Dr. Mohammed Rela told us that the transplant was successful and Martin in doing well. This whole incident made our family stronger and brought us all closer together. My son had to stay at the hospital for a few days and according to the doctor the recovery will take few weeks with the healing process being smooth. Seeing my kid back home made our experience all the better.
I am thankful to the Almighty for helping us come in contact with Forerunners Healthcare Group in India. I can’t find words enough to be thankful to Dr. Rela at Global Hospital at Chennai for his excellent services and care during my son’s liver transplant. The nurses and the staff at Global Hospital Chennai were very friendly and took care of all our needs during our stay at the hospital. I would also like to thank the group of Forerunners Healthcare for their immense support throughout this journey. They had been providing complete assistance from the point of contact till the time we reached our home. Our family is truly blessed and thankfully Martin is doing well.”
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Thanking You,
Mrs. Kathy Pitterich,

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