Successful Infertility Treatment in Mumbai bless Tanzanian Patient

Infertility Treatment in Mumbai

“Hello, my name is Jaden and I am from Tanzania. As I share my story, the first thing that I can tell you that my Infertility Treatment in Mumbai was a blessing for me and my family.”

“Unable to conceive is something that brings a lot of shock and grief for a family. Unfortunately, I faced a similar situation a year back. I and my husband had been trying for a child for more than a year but without any positive outcome. The amount of stress that I was facing was tremendous and this was not only affecting my physical health, but I was going through extreme psychological stress, too. I was regularly visiting a Gynaecologist, under whose supervision, I had undergone several tests. The results showed my Fallopian Tubes were blocked, which was the primary reason why I was not able to conceive.”

“A surgery was required to address this issue, but the problem was the lack of infrastructure in my country. Also, the surgery needed a different level of expertise, whose availability I was not sure about in Tanzania. My husband suggested that I look for better options in other countries. But the country that we found the most suitable for our budget was India. After doing an exhausted research for many days, my search ended with a group named Indian Med Guru Consultants in India.

“The group’s website has very exhaustive information, from where I got a lot of information. The success stories that were given on their website helped me majorly in making up my mind. I got in touch with them through the e-mail id given on the website. In a few days, I received their detailed reply and a call as well, over which I got all my queries cleared. Infertility Treatment being one of the most modern forms of treatment, my obvious assumption was that it much be very high-priced. But what Indian Med Guru Consultants offered me in their packages was unbelievable. My husband had tried to find the costs in other countries, so the cost difference was surprising but pleasant for us.”

“Their packages encompass everything that a patient might need during a medical tour. So, I sent a confirmation along with the other requested details and reports. The group’s representative also organized a telephonic conversation with the specialist and the conversation really helped me. Post this, the representative also had an option where I could get a complimentary second consultation in any of their empanelled Infertility treatment centers. Soon my medical visa, stay and traveling arrangements were done. Finally, I was on my way for Infertility Treatment in Mumbai, with my husband.

“Our post-arrival pick-up from the airport was already planned and we were driven to where our accommodation was arranged, which was a very good hotel. After we settled down, the next day was our visit to the treatment center. We were introduced to the specialist, who had gone through my previous reports. He suggested that I undergo some tests before the treatment in initiated. Along with this, he also evaluated my medical history, which included information like if I had any previous pregnancies, any irregularity in my periods, if my periods were heavy and painful, any pelvic pain, infections, or if I had any previous surgery. I really liked the meticulous approach of the surgeon.”

“Once all the reports were clear, the surgeon initiated the treatment without any delay. He performed a key-hole surgery to remove the blockages in my Fallopian Tubes. It was a very advanced form of surgery as there was not much pain or discomfort that I faced post-surgery. Also, he also prescribed relevant medications to keep away any discomfort or complications. He made sure that my road to recovery was very smooth and within a couple of weeks, I was given a nod to travel back home. It’s been months that I have had this surgery and now I am happily expecting. I cannot thank enough for making my dream come true. Also, my heartfelt gratitude to the team members of Indian Med Guru Consultants for their support.”

Thanks a lot to all!!!!

Jaden from Tanzania

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