Successful Fibroid Surgery in India has Improved Life of Sandra Adebowale from Africa with Unmatched Personal Care by Indian Med Guru Consultant

Hi, my name is Sandra Adebowale, I am from Africa. I recently had my Fibroid Surgery in India. I was suffering from uterine fibroid which we know as non-cancerous tumors that are seen growing over the muscle layers seen over the uterus. I know that more than 20 per cent ladies with child bearing capacities are seen getting affected by this problem. In my case, it was my overweight that did the damage and created this problem for me. My doctor informed that I have a fibroid which started with a single muscle cell over the uterus but has grown big that would now need a surgery to get rid of the same. I also noticed few Symptoms of Fibroids that I reported to the doctor confirming the presence of the same. These include Heavy Vaginal Bleeding and Pelvic Discomfort. I also noticed some amount of Discomfort or Pain during Sexual Intercourse with my hubby. 

My doctor suggested that I can go with Fibroid Surgery in India considering the high quality and affordability element. The surgeries like Hysterectomy or Myomectomy and then recommended one medical tourism company that can help me in managing the surgery in Indian hospital as it was difficult to get in my home country. I shared the reports with the chosen medical tourism company and that they revert with me with a competent solution giving me the best of the healthcare package. They informed me that by choosing high end hospitals and competitive doctor with their help I can get rid of the uttering fibroid with the affordable cost surgery. Also, the success rate would be high for me with affordable cost and high quality surgery in Indian hospital. The medical tourism company I chose was Indian Med Guru that proved beneficial in many ways.
Fibroids Surgery in India with the group like Indian Med Guru group came with affordable package at the Indian hospitals. One of the basic reasons for me to consider it was the affordable uterine fibroid surgery cost packages with quality healthcare services along with getting a wide range of other factors. The group has best doctors and surgeons along with top hospitals and clinics that give you the best results. Besides, the group has a wide range of services to offer. You have a number of other services to avail with the healthcare services, which include quality your local stay, food, travel and help in getting the medical visa. Thus with their help, I reached India and was picked up at the airport with my hubby.
I met the doctor and then I went for the surgery on the decided date when things seemed perfect for me. The doctor treating me was a competent man and helped me understand that I can get well soon with the surgery. Things went in a right shape and then I came along with the surgery on the decided date that went perfect as expected. I was experiencing some amount of post surgery discomfort and uneasiness after the surgery with post surgery pain. But thanks to the competent doctor and his medical team, things came in a right direction and I was given the best solution to get rid of all the issues I had in the recovery room. I overall stay during my fibroid surgery in India went smooth and it proved the best days of my life as these helped me to get rid of the issues I had in my womb. I would certainly going to recommend the medical tourism company and others to my friends and family and get rid of the same. I also thank everyone for the kind of services I have received there.
I am thankful to doctor, nurses and team of Indian Med Guru Consultant for giving me a new life altogether. If anyone looking their treatment in abroad, India is best and affordable place for them. I am recommend to Indian Med Guru Consultant – A trusted medical planner in India, Go for more :-
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