South Africa Patient's Life Turning Experience after Leukemia Treatment in India

This is Lisa, I am from South Africa and seeking the help of the medical tourism company - Indian Med Guru group I had my Leukemia Treatment in India. I am happy with the outcome of the treatment and would be obliged to the group and the doctor who treated me to make me free from the dreaded ailment. I remember how appalling experience it was for me when I first heard that I was suffering from the dreaded ailment called Leukemia. It was really scary but the good part was I was diagnosed at an early stage where the treatment was possible giving a permanent relief from the ailment. However, getting the treatment done in South Africa was not less than a painful financial draining experience as the cost was ranging high and I had only a few top hospitals catering the solution to this. So, I had to think of the way out to find out a treatment option that can be found out at affordable cost.
When my doctor heard my concern, he immediately informed me to plan the Leukemia Treatment in India as this country was affordable place for me to opt for. And secondly, I had no issues in getting the treatment done with great affordability and quality. So, the only thing I needed was to find out the right group that can help me in getting the treatment done with care and quality apart from the affordability element. Luckily with few online searches, I could get the group that can promise me the best of the healthcare services. I got convinced that I can get the treatment done not just on time but with high quality affordability as well. I shared the reports with the medical tourism company and they were quick to revert with the right solution. 
With the best of the care and high end solution coming for my Leukemia treatment with affordable package, I gave my consent to them and soon applied for medical visa. Since I had an emergency, I got the medical visa soon and the next moment I was ready to travel to India with my husband. The rep of the chosen company was there to pick up at the Delhi Airport and we were relieved to see them picking up. We went straight to the hotel and got settled down soon and the same day we got the chance to meet the doctor who discussed my case and immediately started my Leukemia Treatment in India. I was lucky enough to start things right on time and plan the way I always wanted to do things on my own. So, with passing time, I was glad to meet the best of the care.
My treatment for the dreaded ailment started and soon I was free from the same keeping me healthy and fit. I was advised to make a couple of changes in my life to remain healthy and fit and thus returned home on a sweet note. I must say that I was treated in the hospital and by the medical tourism company that gave me the best services. I was lucky enough to get the food I wanted, my appointment with the doctor was at par to the requirements, my local medical investigations were carried out on time and the local travel, all the stuff was taken care of by my medical tourism company. I am pleased with the services of Indian Med Guru Group and would certainly going to recommend my friends and family to opt them for any treatment in Indian hospital including the Leukemia Treatment in India. 
Thank You once again!
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