Eating Red Meat May Increase Your Cancer Risk


Bad news for the non-veggie especially who love red meat. As per the recent reports of WHO, eating red meat can pose heinous risks like colon and other forms of cancer. So, if you have been eating hot dogs, bacon or ham with red meat, time to refrain from consuming any further or be prepared to encounter the most dreaded menace on earth called Cancer. However, the experts claim that the risk is not that high, hence have reprimanded the people overly consuming the same. Even the reports from groups like European Food and Safety Commission have similar findings, which discourage people to consume red meat on a regular basis for getting cancer. Let’s dig in deep into these reports and check how red meat can be heinous in terms of cancer risks as under:

Eating Beef & Cancer: Debating in the light of WHO & other Reports

As per WHO, there are several types in processed meats like Salami, ham, hot dogs and sausages in the class 1 carcinogen. This means that there is strong evidence against the red meat that is one of the causes of cancer. The red meat including the ones from pork and lamb are classified by WHO as probable category, which has also has the potential of causing cancer. However, the reports to not classify in terms of risk of getting the cancer among the two. As per the reports of Cancer Council, in just one month alone, there were around 2600 cases of cancer in Australia due to consuming red and processed meat.

The same report also suggests that the lean red meat comprises of iron, Vitamin B12, protein and zinc. And in terms of cancer risks there are not reasons to slash down the meat consuming completely from the diet of people, however, there are certain steps to be taken in order to reduce these risks. As far as consuming the poultry products do not get the risk of having cancer. On the contrary consuming fish can help in reducing the risk of having breast, prostate and bowel cancer. The WHO and other reports also suggest that the risk of having cancer is only due to the presence of certain chemicals that put an adverse effect over your digestion along with known for damaging the cells found in the bowel. The other element that does the damage is the presence of fat in red meat.

Consuming Red Meat: Checks & Balances

As per the reports of WHO and Cancer Council, consuming too much of red beef can be lethal for health, however, if you practise with certain checks and balances, one can avert the menace of cancer in colon and other organs of our body. Thus these agencies have given a proper format in terms of quantity for consuming red meat, which should come with a balance diet incorporating the green vegetables and fresh fruits to keep the risk of having cancer at bay. As per their recommendations, one should consume the red meat at a moderate level with not consuming 3 to 4 times in a weak. This recommendation has been synonymous to other agencies working in this domain.


Cancer Council simply recommends people to confine the amount of red meat one consumes especially the ones that are processed. These are in terms of nitrate, fat and salt, which makes all the health agencies to call it as discretionary choices for the eaters. This means, it can be a good choice only when people eat them occasionally. Also, these reports suggest limiting the consumption of lean cuts of meats or even chickening and preferring the sea food like fish more than the other forms of beef. In fact, the reports have suggested consuming the red beef along with green vegetables, wholegrain cereals and other plant based foods to make the diet complete and balanced. This in turn helps in making the diet perfect and free from the risk of having cancer.

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