Infertility Treatment in India - What Guideline to Know


The issue of infertility seems to have hampered both the gender of our society since long. Thousands of couples in their most productive and active years have been distracted by the physical, emotional and financial hardships of this disorder. For such kinds of couples, infertility can be called as more than a disease, which seems to be devastating life crisis that can have an adverse impact over the general health of the couple along having its implication over marriage, family relationships, social interactions and job performance.Many couple suffering from this issue end up opting for its various treatment including surgeries, now, let’s us dig deep in this treatment and check the guidelines for the same as under:

Infertility is not Just Female’s Problems

It is a common myth that the issue of infertility is often the problem of woman. However, half of all the cases pertaining to infertility are found among men who are seen having issues with their reproductive systems. Of all the couples who are keen to get the medical treatment for infertility only 20 percent of the women are seen conceiving before the actual treatment begins. One of the key reasons to this problem could lead to anxiety, which end up contributing to fertility problem, so calling up a doctor and seeking the help of a counselling agent really helps. With this more than 50 percent of the couple are seen getting child in the coming two years with the help of certain ongoing treatment options. A majority of infertility issues results from certain physical problems among men or women's reproductive system.

Treatment Options

When it comes to treatment for infertility is concerned, both men and women have different set of options for the same. Let’s start with men at this point of time following the women next.

Infertility Treatment for Men

The treatment for infertility for men can be carried out as per the causes of the problem, which include the following:
  • Treating infection: With the help of antibiotic treatment, you end up curing the infection of the reproductive tract found among men, though it may not often restore the fertility ability.
  • Sexual intercourse problem treatments: There are several options in medication or counselling, which can help you in improving the fertility issue in certain conditions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Hormone treatments & medications: You can find your doctor recommending certain hormone replacement or medication in cases if you find the issue of infertility that is caused due to high or low amount of hormonal issues.
  • Surgery: Though this is a last resort, however, it can work out in cases with the option, for example men can go for the surgery the organ of varicocele, which is corrected with the obstructed along with repairing the deferences. Also, if you are not able to find sperms during the process of ejaculation, the sperms could be retrieved directly from the testicles. 
Infertility Treatment for Women

Though a woman would need one or two therapies in order to restore fertility, it is possible that a number of kinds of treatment would be required in order to make her competent to conceive, which are as under:
  • Stimulating ovulation with fertility drugs: The fertility drugs are found with the main treatment for women who are not competent to produce ovulation disorder. All these medications are seen regulating or inducing ovulation. You can discuss with your doctor regarding the fertility drug choices like the risk and benefits of different types.
  • IUI (Intrauterine insemination): In this procedure, the healthy sperm collected and concentrated are seen getting placed directly over the uterus over the ovary of woman. As per the key reasons of infertility, the IUI timing can be coordinated with the help of normal cycle or with the help of fertility medications.
  • Surgery: If the fertility issue is not sorted out with any other treatment option, uterine issues like endometrial polyps, intrauterine scar tissue or a uterine septum can be fixed with the help of a surgery called hysteroscopic surgery. 
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