IVF Treatment Cost in Kenyan Dollars


It is quite traumatic situation for couples who are unable to bear child naturally. For such people the IVF treatment has arrived as a boon in the current scenario of the medical technology. Infertility is neither a curse nor a boon. Every couple desired to conceive a child but infertility acts as a deterrent in a happy family. IVF treatment refers to the process in which the eggs is fertilized through sperm in a petri dish outside the body and after few days to fertilization when the egg transforms into an embryo which is embedded in the mother’s uterus through the catheter.

IVF Treatment Cost in Kenyan Dollars

The demand for IVF treatment has increased and couples from across the world opting for their treatment in countries wherein the prices are affordable. India is renowned to provide successful IVF treatment at economical prices without compromising its quality. Indian Medguru Consultants helps the overseas patients to get easy access to the world’s best IVF centers and infertility specialists in India at the most affordable rates.

IVF Treatment Cost in Kenyan Dollars

Being infertile can be quite expensive. However getting the IVF treatment in India is cost effective. At Indian Medguru Consultants, we have tied up with the best infertility centers in India that has presence of robust medical rehabilitation facilities offered to the patients in Kenya that make them feel comfortable. The following table shows the IVF treatment cost in Kenyan dollars specially for Kenyan Citizens:


Fortis Hospital Best IVF Treatment for Kenyan Citizens

Fortis Hospital was established in the year 1996 and now it has over 55 facilities in line offering health facilities within India and abroad. This institute is renowned as the “Mecca of Healthcare” for Asia Pacific Region and it is an NABH accredited multi-specialty tertiary care hospital. It has an exclusive international patient lounge; Wi-Fi enabled rooms and provides customized diet plans to the patients. With over 54 facilities, 10,000 beds and 260 diagnostic centers, our hospital provides the patients with the state of the art infrastructure. The hospital is spread across 1, 50,000 sq. ft of nature friendly landscape. It has the India’s first ever see through glass lab with instant collection and real time blood sample processing.

IVF Success Rate in India for Kenyan Nationals

The success rate of IVF depends on a number of factors such as the quality and survival of the frozen embryos, the uterus of the women receiving the embryos and the age of the patient who produced the eggs.

IVF Success Rate in India for Kenyan Nationals

Indian Medguru Consultants is a premier medical value provider in India offer the affordable IVF treatment cost in Kenyan dollars from the best doctors in the country. At Indian Medguru, we select the best doctors of India for our Kenyan patients and help them to plan their medical trip to India. We help the patients at every steps including choosing the best doctors in India that suits the specific needs and coordinate further for medical consultation and assistance. We encourage you to consider the treatment options carefully so that you make a wise decision under the guidance of our expert panel. We very well understand the apprehensions of patients before undergoing the IVF treatment.

Indian Medguru group is one of the oldest medical value providers that have affiliations with various hospitals which renowned for their sophisticated infrastructure and state of the art amenities, modern equipments and latest technologies. We help our patients to find the best infertility clinics and doctors in India for Kenyan Nationals

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