Medical Tourism To India From Malawi Witnessing An Upheaval Owing To Orthopedic Special Surgery Packages For Malawi Citizens

Worldwide, with every passing year, the burden of Orthopedic disorders is getting heavier; it is huge, growing, and ignored. The faculty of Orthopedics is primarily concerned with injuries and diseases related to our body's musculoskeletal system enveloping our bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Failure to diagnose and any delay in timely treatment may lead to considerable disability or damage later in life.

Most of these injuries are caused by involving oneself in strenuous activities in sports and exercises or due to accidents. The demand for Orthopedic surgical treatment, which is often recommended for these traumatic injuries, is very high for the Malawi Nationals

Joint surgery hospitals in India offering Progressive and Special Surgery Packages for Malawi Citizens

Thanks to the advancement in Orthopedics as many Orthopedic, particularly Joint Replacement surgeries no longer need an open incision. Today, there are instruments called Arthroscopes, which are flexible and the usage of these have made these procedures quite free from discomfort, not only for the patients but also for the Orthopedic surgeons. A small cut is made in the skin through which this instrument is inserted, taking it further to a particular Joint, to find out and identify the exact nature of the injury or root cause of a disorder. Thus, these Arthroscopes have made the recovery time shorter and less invasive procedures have allowed the Malawi patients to get back to their routine life sooner.

Some of the most advanced Orthopedic procedures performed in India are:

Arthroscopy: to treat problems occurring inside the joint with the help of an Arthroscope
Soft tissue repair: is done for torn ligaments and tendons.
Joint replacement: in this a damaged joint is replaced with prosthesis.
Revision joint surgery: in this a pre-existent implant is changed with a new one.
Bone fracture repair with internal fixation: is done when broken pieces of bone are repositioned using metal plates, screws or pins.
Debridement: during this procedure damaged soft tissues or bones are removed.
Fusion of bones: bones are fused with grafts.
Spine fusion: in this the spinal bones or vertebrae are joined together.
Osteotomy: is done to correct bone deformities.
Knee replacement
o Minimally invasive knee replacement
o Computer navigated total knee replacement
Hip replacement
o Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Hip (also called hip arthroplasty)

The top Joint Surgery Hospitals in India like Global Hospital Chennai, Bombay Hospital, Apollo Hospital Delhi, Fortis Hospital Mumbai, Artemis Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Saifee Hospital Mumbai, Max Hospital, and Asia Columbia Bangalore are fully equipped to handle all kinds of complex Joint surgeries. Other treatment options may vary from diet variations to medications to steroid injections to exercise. Additionally, the waiting time is much lower as compared to other leading countries. That is how through meticulous and stringent selection of the course of treatment, the top Orthopedic surgeons of India ensure best quality treatment, with utmost care and sensitivity, making medical tourism to India from Malawi, totally comfortable and worthwhile.

Orthopedic Special Surgery Packages For Malawi Citizens – A Huge Boost to Medical Tourism to India from Malawi

Medical tourism to India from Malawi has seen an upheaval over the years, for a number of reasons, but the key reason is undeniably the availability of Orthopedic special surgery packages for Malawi citizens. India has a lot to offer when it comes to Orthopedics. In India, patients can get cost-efficient Orthopedic cure – much lesser than what they have to pay in their own country. Thus, with India's top notch, modern day healthcare facilities for Orthopedic procedures, where patients can actually save almost 60-90 percent, India is certainly emerging as the most economical medical haven for Malawi citizens. 

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Why should Malawi Patients choose India Orthopedic Surgery Services?

With every passing year, India is getting better and better in the healthcare sector, especially in the area of Orthopedics. Today, there are very few nations at par with India when it comes to offering affordable Orthopedic Surgery and that too without compromising the quality. India Orthopedic Surgery Services understands the significance of these factors and brings affordable Orthopedic special surgery packages for Malawi citizens.

We make sure that Malawi patients get an easy medical visa from Malawi to India
We guide the Malawi national in the best way possible so that they choose the top Joint Replacement hospital in India and the best available treatment option
We assure special Surgery packages for Malawi Citizens, which is the main attention catching factor pushing medical tourism to India from Malawi
We look after all the medical needs of the Malawi patients and ensure that the treatments are customized as per their expectations
We emphasize on maintaining the highest level of ethics and transparency
We ascertain that the Malawi nationals are looked after by the top Orthopedic doctors, till their complete recovery
We look after the Malawi patients even after they are back in their country, through our follow up services.

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