Affordable cost of Chemotherapy for blood cancer in India


Affordable cost of Chemotherapy for blood cancer in India

The chemotherapy for blood cancer in India is given in cycles which is a treatment period followed by a recovery period and then another treatment period and so on. This will destroy the cancer cells by stopping them from multiplying or growing. Some healthy cells are destroyed which causes the side effects but often the normal cells are able to repair themselves post treatment. Different types of drugs are used for different types of blood cancer.

Indian Medguru Consultants provides the affordable cost chemotherapy for blood cancer in India to international patients. Our premier medical value provider in India offers the best medical services and care from the top cancer doctors in India. We have network of the top surgeons across the country who will evaluate your case properly and then provide you with all the surgical and the non-surgical options. We assist you to select the surgeon in India that suits your specific needs and also coordinate further for your medical assistance and consultation.  Since we understand your apprehensions very well so we encourage you to carefully decide regarding your blood cancer treatment in India.

Maximum Cost of Chemotherapy for Blood Cancer in India

The cost of chemotherapy for blood cancer in India is quite affordable as compared to the cost in the developed countries such as the US and the UK. Further the cost comparison for blood cancer treatment in India includes everything related to the treatment, flight and hotel bills, hospital accommodation at a private and well equipped room with hygiene, operating room fees, doctor’s fees and nursing care, medication, etc.

Success rate of Chemotherapy for Blood Cancer in India

The success rate of blood cancer treatment hasn’t changed much, however more people are surviving longer due to the advances in chemotherapy. As for example, ALL represents one of the most dramatic success rates in cancer treatment with around 90% of children being diagnosed with the disease attaining remission and over half are completely cured. The five year survival rate for all patients with ALL has increased from 4% in 1960 to 50% in 1990. Adult ALL patients have an 80% to 90% chance to attain remission and 40% of them surviving for another five years have a chance of complete cure. Further patients treated for AML have a 60 to 70% chance of remission with around 20% of those surviving at least three years with a chance of a complete remission.

Why African Patients Choose  Indian Medguru Consultants for Chemotherapy  in India?

Indian Medguru Consultants for Chemotherapy  in India

India has the best qualified medical professionals renowned over the world to provide highest quality treatments at affordable prices. Our world class medical facilities are comparable with any western countries. Indian Medguru Consultants offer low cost chemotherapy for blood cancer in India from the top doctors at the best hospitals across the country. We provide the following services to the international patients seeking blood cancer treatment in India:
  • Arrange medical visa, organize flights, accommodation and health meals
  • Schedule the blood cancer treatment at best medical centers offering quality and personalized treatments to the international patients
  • Provide flexible and tailor made packages for blood cancer treatment in India
  • Liaising with the doctors and coordinate your treatment and correspond on your behalf
  • Provide you with easy access to the state of the art facilities and leading medical institutions with advanced technologies and experienced doctors
  • Excellent quality of services with no waiting times
  • Significant cost savings as compared to the cost of treatment in the West
  • A support line for your relatives and friends
  • Arrange recuperation holidays

Contact us at +91-9370586696 or to know cost of Chemotherapy for blood cancer in India. 

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