ACL Reconstruction Surgery At Fortis Hospital Helps You To Take The Steps You've Been Dreaming Of

ACL reconstruction is surgical operation to reconstruct the ligament in the middle of your knee. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) connects your shin bone (tibia) to your thigh bone (femur). A tear of this ligament can cause your knee to give way during physical activity.

What Does ACL Reconstruction Surgery In India Involve?
The purpose of ACL reconstruction surgical procedure is to tighten your knee and to restore its balance an expansion of anaesthetic strategies is viable:
  •  You can have a general anaesthesia and be unconscious throughout the operation, or a spinal anaesthetic that will numb your lower body.
  • The ACL reconstruction surgery takes an hour and an hour and a half.  Your doctor will make one or extra cuts at the front and sides of your knee.
  • Some surgeons perform the operation by arthroscopy (‘keyhole’ surgery) using a camera to see inside the knee.
  •  Your medical professional will replace the ACL with a chunk of suitable tissue (a graft) from somewhere else within the body. The top and bottom side ends of the replacement ligament are fixed with special screws or anchors into ‘tunnels’ drilled within the bone.
Fortis Hospital Knee Replacement ACL Reconstruction

Results Of ACL Reconstruction In India

In general this procedure is very successful but complications can occur with any surgical procedure. Other rare or unexpected complications can occur. This is an elective procedure and as the patient you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with surgery.

Dedicated Orthopedic Surgeon Of Fortis Hospital To Provide Excellence In Orthopedics Surgery

Fortis healthcare’s centre of excellence for bone & joint is a well known for caring and treating of all bone associated problems. The team includes highly educated and talented doctors like Dr. AB Govindaraj, Dr. Anurag Aggarwal, Dr. Ashwin Chowdhar, and Dr. Atul Mishra. Dr. AB Govindaraj performs the most advanced and complex arthroscopies, and the most delicate hand surgeries. He uses advanced medical equipment is highly experienced surgeon. Dr. Anurag Aggarwal at orthopaedic department at Fortis hospitals is very famous for the care and treatment of conditions affecting the bones, joints and spine keeping your health under constant vigilance is important to live a stress-free life. Dr. Ashwin Chowdhar is the best doctors to treat you for the orthopedic issues you face, provides relief like no other. With Dr. Atul Mishra the best orthopedician provides excellent treatment at Fortis hospitals, you can be rest assured of complete recovery from your bone and joint problems. You can simply sit back, relax and be assured of complete healing, through the efforts of accomplished medical practitioner Dr. Atul Mishra, he is trained in the best centers in India and abroad.

Experience Movement Without Pain With Latest Techniques Of Orthopedic At Fortis Hospital

Department of orthopaedics in Fortis hospitals Gurgaon, Delhi offers you cutting-edge in orthopedic remedies and surgical strategies with trust and quality. The center can provide numerous types of improve treatment alternatives in bone care like arthroscopic and reconstructive techniques. They conduct major joint replacements in this hospital with 100% success rate. The hospital has a 360° approach from trauma care to arthroplasty and other treatment alternatives for excellence of care.  Fortis hospital has branches in various parts of India like Gurgaon, Delhi. Fortis Hospital – one of the best known orthopedic hospitals in India - has best consultant orthopedics in India and a full-fledged orthopedic unit providing all aspects of orthopedic care under one roof, supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Advantages Of Getting Orthopedics Treatment At Fortis Hospital In Gurgaon, Delhi
  • Fortis hospitals in Gurgaon, Delhi offers joint replacement surgery at very low cost in India. Mission of Fortis hospital is simple. The hospital helps you to safely and correctly receive your medical treatment at a global-class healthcare facility for a fraction of the price elsewhere.
  • Fortis hospitals in Gurgaon, Delhi values are grounded in strong ethics, transparency and openness. Patients trust us, and the hospital establish long—lasting relationships with their patients and that make itself the integral part of their life.
  •  Top quality orthocare services at low cost
  •  Save up to 60-80% on medical costs
  • Highly qualified Surgeons and Hospital support staff
  • Make all your arrangements for travel

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