Medical Tourists Find Knee Replacement Treatment Cost In India Most Cost Effective

People complaining about knee pain are something that has become very common today. Many people find the traditional treatment techniques like physiotherapy, pain injections and steroids, knee braces, etc. – very helpful but there are patients for whom these methods do not work and they have go for surgical options. Knee pain can happen due to:

Injuries that have caused damage to the ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilage, etc.
o Injury to the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
o Fractures
o Torn Meniscus
o Knee Bursitis
o Patellar Tendinitis

Mechanical Issues
o Loose body, which interferes with the movement of the knee joint
o Iliotibial Band Syndrome is something that affects Distance Runners
o Dislocated Kneecap
o Hip or foot pain

Types of Arthritis
o Osteoarthritis
o Rheumatoid Arthritis
o Pseudogout
o Gout
o Septic Arthritis

Affordable Cost Knee Replacement Surgery

The exact location and severity of the pain also makes a major difference in choosing the course of treatment. The signs and symptoms may include:

Extreme pain, swelling and stiffness
Fever along with redness around the knee
Crunching or popping sound coming from the knee area
Patient unable to completely straighten the knee 
If the patient is feeling that the knee is giving up easily

What Is The Cost Of Knee Replacement Treatment?
The possibility of cost effective treatment and surgery is what is unique about getting cured in India. The most complex surgery is possible in this country at extremely affordable prices. No matter how advanced kind of treatment and surgical technology is used, it is found very cost effective by patients coming from all over the world. Similarly, Knee Replacement treatment cost in India does not burden the pockets of the medical tourists at all. The cost of Knee Replacement in India is $6,600 whereas in USA it is priced at $35,000, which is not possible for the patients from maximum countries to avail. This way, India is doing a highly commendable task by making such much needed surgeries accessible at such sensible prices.

Success Rate Of Knee Replacement Treatment
Statistics show that 9 out of 10 patients have enormously benefitted from this effective procedure. A maximum number of patients that is about 97 percent of them have reported to have experienced immediate relief from the persistent pain that knee problems bring along. Further, the implants used are very long lasting and the range of motion is undeniably improved.  Also, with these surgeries becoming less and less invasive, the recovery is faster and this is extremely advantageous as the patients can get back to their routines at the earliest.

Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Treatment
Knee Replacement is a very commonly availed surgical methodology today and by patients belonging to younger age group as well. With Knee Replacement getting more and more updated as better and further advanced approaches are being introduced, the Indian hospitals are ensuring that such approaches are a part of their treatment offerings.  The top Knee Replacement treatment hospitals in India have highly established Orthopaedic departments with Knee Replacement specialists adept in performing Knee Replacement surgeries using the most progressive approaches. Further, these hospitals have a patient friendly environment making it very easy for these patients to overcome their apprehensions. The nursing staff too is very aptly trained to cater to the patients with individualized attentions.

Why Abroad Patient Choose Knee Replacement Treatment By Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant?

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant is a profoundly established network comprising of award winning hospitals and excellent team of doctors and surgeons. We ensure that our patients become a part of this continually flourishing network and are able to avail the finest level of healthcare services. Also:
The doctors and surgeons that are a part of our network are immensely qualified and experienced

The Knee Replacement treatment hospitals in India keep investing a lot to keep their infrastructure updated

We have very well trained staff to handle all kinds of treatment associated requirements
Our ethical approach towards planning the medical tours for our patients is what places us in a more favoured position

We ensure that the treatment and surgeries are planned at the hospitals with the latest treatment equipment 

Despite the most advanced technology implemented, we guarantee the lowest possible Knee Replacement treatment cost

Our follow up services ensure quickest possible recovery

Once in touch with us, the patients need not worry about anything; we handle all the coordination.

We have fast track services for our patient. For more details, send us your queries at or call +91-9860432255
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